Nutrition- A Foundation for Health

Chronic health conditions are epidemic in today's society. Are you struggling with daily symptoms?


Common complaints I hear from people of all ages:

  • Anxiety

  • Stressed Out

  • Can't Sleep well

  • Stomach pain, bloating or reflux

  • Can't lose weight or keep it off

  • Joint pain, chronic pain

  • Brain fog

  • PMS or Menopause symptoms


In many cases, these symptoms that seem to be totally unrelated are actually all connected. By working on the basic steps that are foundational to our health, our body can make great strides in reversing many of these chronic issues.

Keeping it simple- in order to reverse chronic symptoms, you need to focus on 2 things:

1) Removing stressors

2) Strengthening your defenses- (nutrition, supplements, sleep, stress management, exercise and other therapies)

The term stressor has these two definitions:

1. Physical, psychological, or social force that puts real or perceived demands on the body, emotions, mind, or spirit of an individual.
2. Biological, chemical, or physical factor that can cause temporary or permanent harm to an ecosystem, environment, or organism.

Let's look at a list of some common "stressors" to the physical body or immune system that can cause chronic illness and symptoms:

  • Sugar/processed foods and oils

  • Heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.)

  • EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) and other types of radiation

  • Bacteria, mold, fungus, parasites

  • Environmental toxins, pesticides

When you call for a free strategy session, we will talk about how you can begin to remove some of these stressors right away. We will also determine if you are a good candidate for nutritional therapy, which is used to strengthen your defenses! 

Your initial strategy session is free. Schedule your session today. 


Diane Distefano, FNTP

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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Our programs and services:

Group Classes

Join our 5-week RESTART® group nutritional class that includes a 21-day eating challenge and learn how good you can feel in just 21 days!

Toxin Free Lifestyle

Classes that teach you how to keep your home and body toxin free 

Individual Consultations

An individualized nutritional therapy assessment can help you determine the best food and supplement choices to support your health goals.

Nutritional Therapy can support:

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive dysfunction

  • Gallbladder dysfunction

  • IBS

  • PMS symtpoms

  • Menopause symptoms

  • Thyroid disease

  • Weight loss and more


Feed Your Fertile Body Participant:

"My husband and I took Diane's class and found it extremely informative. The class was exactly what we needed to take our family's nutrition to the next level. I had done some research and worked to change our eating habits prior to the class. This class really helped consolidate a massive world of information into a very manageable amount.  We were able to take each week's assignments and implement little steps to help improve our eating habits. Our entire family noticed improvements to our overall health, including our 3-year old daughter.  I'm now happily 34 weeks pregnant and continue to use the knowledge we gained from Diane to make good choices for our family." E.W.

Private Client:

"Toxic. That is the word I used to describe myself when I first met with Diane. I just felt like something was not right.  Despite my best efforts in cutting calories and exercising, I couldn’t lose weight. I had no energy. I constantly craved the foods I knew I shouldn’t be eating….mainly sugar… and I thought about it all the time. I was moody and depressed.  I knew something had to change.


Throughout my life, I have always had trouble following health trends knowing that not all information out there is reliable. I always felt overwhelmed with trying to filter out what is true and good from what is just a fad. Meeting with Diane, I felt like I finally found someone I could trust. She shared articles and information in a very helpful and encouraging fashion. Through health assessments she helped me see what might be causing my symptoms. We made a plan that was tailored specifically to my health needs and worked around my many food allergies.


I have been following a new nutrition path since April ( I tell my family and friends that my new hobby is “Nutrition”) and I feel so much better! My sugar cravings are gone. I have lost over 20 pounds while eating delicious foods. I know that my body is healing and being restored to optimal health!  When those around me notice the changes in my health, I am quick to share what has given me better health... Thank you Diane and Nutriviable for  putting me on a path to better days ahead!" - Deidrah R.

For more testimonials, visit our RESTART®   or Feed Your Fertile Body™ pages
Please keep in mind that nutritional therapists do not diagnose or treat disease, but work in conjunction with you and your healthcare team to help you reach your health goals.  




capable of working successfully, practical, possible, realistic, achievable, attainable, realizable



capable of surviving or living successfully, especially under particular environmental conditions.