A six-week fertility optimization and preconception program

Are you ready to build a family or add to your growing family? This program was created just for you!

Indigenous cultures have practiced preconception preparation for thousands of years by feeding the engaged couple a special nutrient dense diet for many months prior to their wedding ceremony. Tap into this ancient wisdom and learn how specially prepared nutrient dense foods support your health and fertility.

Nutrition is a foundation of optimal health, and the importance of a healthy diet cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to preparation for pregnancy.  This program focuses on strengthening fertility in both men and women who are preparing to become parents, and for pregnant women who want to optimize their health. You will learn about nutrient-dense foods, why and how these foods support fertility.  You will be given information about lifestyle and environmental factors that can affect your health and fertility.  Reducing toxin exposures in your food and environment are crucial if you are experiencing infertility or multiple miscarriages. Making changes all at once, however, can be overwhelming.  The Feed Your Fertile Body program makes these changes manageable by giving you a few actionable steps each week to put into practice.  We help couples work together on creating a plan that is right for you and your family.


"The Feed Your Fertile Body™ program gave me the knowledge I needed to feed my body nutrient dense food and reminded me of the lifestyle necessary for an optimal conceiving environment. It also helped me understand how consuming fat is important to get pregnant and provided tons of recipes for new foods – I felt that I learned a whole new way of eating – with the bone broth, liver, and different ways to incorporate coconut into our diet. With me not being so great in the kitchen, the encouragement and simple recipes found in the workbook were valuable resources. I highly recommend Feed Your Fertile Body™. We were pregnant by the end of the course!"  

Leslie & Antonio, EC

 "The Feed Your Fertile Body™ program played a crucial role in the conception of our child. We had been trying for a number of years and wanted a more natural approach than what Western medicine had to offer. The workbook provided during the course outlined specific strategies to improve our chances of conceiving and  provided clear and explicit recommendations to fit anyone’s level of interest. We conceived our baby just two months after completing the fertility program!" 

HB and KK, Oakland, CA


The Feed Your Fertile Body™ natural methods (whole foods and slow implementations) were not drastic and seemed to fit well to our lifestyle. Nothing is more important to our lives than our health, so the nominal fee for the program was a no brainer. Since my wife was vegan (now is vegetarian), we had to pay attention to details that are only presented by nutritionists who wholly understand food and its role in the body. [We learned] how to compensate since we were missing the vitamins and minerals found in animals. Everything worked out perfectly, we are 5 months pregnant now and we got pregnant on the second attempt.

Matt H, Berkeley, CA

Your investment of $299 per couple includes:

(Singles save $50)

Six weeks of class plus TWO BONUS classes-

Personal attention, you will have all your questions answered!

This class is taught as either a live group option, in-person or online,

or self-paced with instructor guidance.  

                                                                                                                                              Practical action steps broken down into easy weekly tasks:  

  • shopping lists

  • pantry cleanout assignments

  • foods to add

  • foods to  remove

Included Workbook* contains:

  • class materials 

  • resources for home and body care 

  • information on GMOs

  • further reading suggestions

  • fertility-supporting food chart

  • meal planning templates

  • recipes

  • (*1 workbook per couple)

Taste nutrient-dense food samples

     (onsite groups)  

Unlimited Access to Secret Facebook Group for ongoing support  

Steps for reducing toxins, stress and more!   


BONUS CLASSES- EMFs and Toxin-Free Home!

Learn how Electromagnetic Radiation can affect

fertility and the health of your baby, and what you can do to protect yourself from exposures, and learn more about what you can do step by step to eliminate toxicants out of your house and personal care products to support a healthy hormone balance.

*Couples are encouraged to take this class together.

If taking the class as a single, use the single deduction of $50

on the registration form.

What You Will Learn

Week 1

Best Kept Secrets About Fats and Fertility

  • The importance of fat soluble vitamins

  • The importance of cholesterol for hormones

  • The problem with vegetable oils

  • The link between fat deficiency and morning sickness                     

Week 2

How Sugar Steals Fertility

  • The many names of sugar

  • How sugars and starches decrease fertility

  • Excess sugar and hormone dysregulation

  • The best and worst options for your sweet tooth                               

Week 3

Proper Food Preparation, Thyroid & Adrenal Health

  • How to prepare grains, legumes, nuts and seeds

  • Proper hydration; water and electrolytes

  • The roles of adrenal and thyroid stress on fertility and miscarriage  

  • Selecting a high quality water filter                                                         

Week 4

Decrease Inflammation to Increase Fertility

  • How allergies cause inflammation in the body

  • Foods that decrease inflammation and oxidative stress

  • The importance of organic foods and grass-fed animals

Week 5

Improving Protein Digestion and Mineral Absorption

  • The importance of stomach acid to the digestion of         protein and absorption of minerals

  • How good digestive health safeguards sperm health

  • Lifestyle factors that compromise digestion and absorption

  • Decreasing the chances of reflux during pregnancy


Week 6

Healthy Gut Bugs from Generation to Generation

  • The Importance of balanced gut microbiota

  • Factors that deplete the health of gut microbiota

  • Probiotic foods that improve the health and diversity of                 our gut microbiota

BONUS class! 

LIMITING EMFs to support a healthy pregnancy

New studies show that EMF exposure during pregnancy, in conjunction with toxic chemicals, can increase the risk of

autism. Learn how to reduce your EMF exposure while still

enjoying technology in this bonus class.




Refund Policy:

Groups are comprised of 2-5 couples. Cancellations prior to the first class will be charged a $25 refund fee. No refunds apply after the class has begun.


It shall be the participant's responsibility to consult with their physician as to the appropriateness of the Feed Your Fertile Body!™ program being undertaken by the participant(s) and this is of utmost importance if you are taking any medication or have a medical diagnosis.


Please keep in mind that nutritional therapists do not diagnose or treat disease, but work in conjunction with you and your healthcare team to help you reach your health goals.