Nutritional Philosophy



  • meats from grass-fed, pastured animals

  • organic free-range poultry

  • organ meats from grass-fed pastured animals

  • whole, raw or cultured dairy products

  • organic free-range eggs

  • low-toxicity seafood

  • wild meats



  • fresh, raw or lightly cooked organic vegetables

  • fresh, whole organic fruits

  • soaked or sprouted organic whole grains

  • soaked or sprouted organic legumes

  • lacto-fermented vegetables, fruits, beverages and condiments



  • properly prepared nuts and seeds

  • raw, properly processed oils from nuts and seeds (flax, sesame, etc.)

  • properly processed extra virgin olive oil

  • saturated fats from healthy sources

  • butter and other raw dairy fats from grass-fed animals

A Diet Rich in Nutrient-Dense Whole Food is the True Foundation of Optimal Health

Below are the components of an ancestral type nutrient-dense  diet, however,  there is no one-size fits all  diet.

NutriViable's vision is to provide:
  • Education for parents and their children with the knowledge they need to optimize their health and promote wellness for future generations.
  • Support and guidance for those with chronic health issues who need help navigating their path to wellness through individual nutritional therapy consultations.
  • Community programs promoting nutrition resources to empower personal responsibility for health.
  • a Ministry for financially challenged individuals and families to educate and supply nutritional therapy services, along with resources for quality whole foods