Is Sugar Affecting Your Health or Fertility?

How your body responds to sugar and refined carbohydrates can affect so many areas of your life. Not just physical symptoms, but emotional symptoms as well. Do you crave sugar or coffee in the afternoon? Do you crave sweets or have trouble staying asleep? Do you get irritable before meals? (that HANGRY feeling?) You may be experiencing hypoglycemia, when blood sugar dips too low, and this can put you on the blood sugar roller coaster. Not only that, but you can suffer from hormonal imbalances, PMS, Menopause symptoms or increased risk of infertility. Take the quiz below, check your results, and keep on reading to find out what your results mean.



0 = No, symptom does not occur

1 = Yes, minor or mild symptom, rarely occurs

2 = Moderate symptom, occurs occasionally

3 = Severe symptom, occurs frequently

_________ Awaken a few hours after falling asleep, hard to get back to sleep

_________ Crave sweets

_________ Binge or uncontrolled eating

_________ Excessive appetite

_________ Crave coffee or sugar in the afternoon _________ Sleepy in the afternoon

_________ Fatigue that is relieved by eating _________ Headache if meals are skipped or delayed

_________ Irritable before meal _________ Shaky if meals delayed

_________ Family members with diabetes (0=none, 1=1 or 2, 2=3 or 4, 3=more than 4)

_________ Frequent thirst

_________ Frequent urination

_________ Total Score

Your Result:

0-5 = low probability of blood sugar dysregulation

6-10 = moderate probability of blood sugar dysregulation

11+ =high probability of blood sugar dysregulation

Your body is always striving for balance, and keeping blood sugar balanced is crucial in maintaining optimal health. When you eat a diet that includes high amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates, your pancreas responds by producing high amounts of insulin. This in turn, can cause your blood sugar to dip too low, and this state is called hypoglycemia.

Here are some signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia:

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Slow Metabolism

  • Weight Issues

  • Endocrine Issues (thyroid, adrenal, reproductive)

  • Craving Sweets

  • Light-headed if meals are missed

  • Jittery or shaky

  • Easily upset, nervous

  • Memory Issues

  • Blurred Vision

  • Depend on coffee or caffeine

People who experience hypoglycemia may exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Eating sweets instead of meals

  • Lack of fat, protein and fiber in meals

  • Easily irritable

  • Highly fluctuating energy

  • Difficulty waking up

  • Wake up wanting to consume sugar or caffeine

  • Afternoon dip around 3-5pm with cravings for sugar, caffeine and salt

  • Challenged to stay asleep all night

  • Renewed energy after eating

  • Use of high glycemic snacks or chronic snacking

  • Use of caffeine or nicotine to suppress cravings

Over time, hypoglycemia and chronic blood sugar dysregulation can lead to Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes. High triglycerides (over 150) along with weight gain and high blood pressure can be an indication of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. Improving your sugar handling can improve many aspects of your overall health.

If you struggle with food cravings, losing weight or keeping weight off, fluctuating energy levels, PMS symptoms, or infertility, you need to address blood sugar balance first and foremost. Reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates can be an important first step in getting not just your blood sugar balanced, but your hormones balanced too. Balanced hormones means less anxiety, saying goodbye to PMS symptoms, and boosting fertility.

If you want guidance in beating your sugar cravings, join one of our RESTART® group classes that includes a 21-day Sugar Detox, and see how good you can feel in just 21-days when you break-up with sugar and processed foods! For couples experiencing infertility issues, our FEED YOUR FERTILE BODY class addresses not just sugar, but other factors that can affect fertility.

During the RESTART® class, you will receive education that focuses on nutritional foundations of health, including digestion, blood sugar regulation, and essential fatty acids. Learn how to be in touch with and listen to your body. You do not have to count calories or measure your food to be successful with this program. You don't even have to exercise to lose weight on this program!

One of our participants purposely stopped their exercise program during the RESTART® 21-day challenge just to see what difference only changing food would make. And the result was achieving a significant weight loss! We do not, however, focus on losing weight, but healing your body from the inside out. When you focus on getting your blood sugar balanced, inflammation decreases, your body's toxic load is reduced, and weight loss and many other health improvements can be wonderful side effects.

Now I don't want you to think that exercise isn't necessary, but sometimes, it is best to give your body a break from strenuous activity when you are changing your diet or going through a "detox". After the 21-day challenge, you will find a renewed sense of energy that will make your fitness program even more successful. Is everyone successful with RESTART®? As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I believe there is no one-size fits all diet. However, with the RESTART® eating challenge, it is a good place for anyone to start, and it is only for 21 days. I would say that almost 100% of clients that come to see me are struggling with sugar handling, and working on that as one of your primary focuses can be the one thing that gets you the biggest bang for your buck.

Without balanced blood sugar, it is very difficult to improve health conditions that involve the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system (like thyroid or adrenal issues, infertility, PMS, Menopause, or hormonal imbalances.) Just about all of my RESTART® participants that do their very best to follow the guidelines, even with sometimes a few mistakes along the way, have seen incredible results in just 3 weeks. It may be sleeping better, clearer skin, more energy, less brain fog, or losing pounds and inches. I highly encourage you to give RESTART® a try. You will gain knowledge that will empower you to take your health into your own hands. Without your health, you have to consider the quality of your life. If you follow the RESTART guidelines, and still can't lose that extra weight, this is actually very useful information! Some people have undiagnosed thyroid conditions or other conditions- and if you aren't responding to basic dietary changes, it helps us to dig deeper in discovering your root cause issues.

How is your health affecting your life? Do you want to have energy to play with your kids, or just make it through the day without needing a nap? Are you tired of dealing with chronic pain, PMS or not being able to conceive? Did you know that YOU have the POWER to make changes that can turn all of these things around? Let's Eat Better to Feel Better to Live Better! Visit my website at to learn more about the RESTART® program or FEED YOUR FERTILE BODY, or schedule a FREE 20-minute SESSION to find out if an individual nutritional therapy program is right for you!

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