EMF  Solutions Workshop

Saturday, September 8th from 7pm-9pm

At Relaxing Note, 141 W. Broadway, Red Lion, PA 17356

$20 per person

 presented by Diane Distefano, NTP 

What You Will Learn:

What are EMFs?

  • How EMFs can affect your sleep and hormones

  • How EMFs contribute to anxiety and depression

  • How EMFs contribute to leaky gut and a leaky blood brain barrier

  • How EMFs affect heart health

  • How EMFs contribute to chronic illness

  • What EMF radiation has to do with fertility, autism and Lyme disease

More about 5 different types of radiation found in a typical home

  • Electric Fields

  • Magnetic Fields

  • Radio Frequency radiation

  • Dirty Electricity

  • Geopathic Stress

What about smart meters?

  • The many sources of different types of EMFs in your home (besides cell towers, neighbor's wifi and smart meters)

  • Dozens of free steps you can take to reduce exposures

  • Long term Shielding Solutions for your home

  • The most important place to shield in your home

  • Nutrients and food to support health during EMR exposure

  • How to distinguish between quality of shielding materials

  • The coming 5G network

This is especially important information to learn for anyone who is chronically ill or has cancer, Lyme disease, autism, MS, ALS, Alzheimer's, diabetes, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, arrythmias, and many others. 

Space is very limited

Diane Distefano is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, who has taken additional training from Geovital Academy to perform home health assessments.  Geovital is a Naturopathic Clinic located in Austria. They have been working with patients for over 35 years, and have developed healthy home assessments and products that are designed with the health of their patients in mind. Geovital offers unique quality shielding products. 

"Geovital decided a long time ago that by sharing their unique knowledge on how to detect and protect against EMF and geopathic stress, they could help a lot more people. In recent years Geovital is experiencing exponential growth and demand for our services globally. The world has been waking up to the fact that the radiation issues and health effects are just getting worse, and people are looking for a trustworthy source of information when it comes to optimising the chances of health recovery and protection. Whilst Geovital are the only people with extensive experience about what actually works in practice, our competitors seem to be focused on product sales with little interest in long-term benefit or addressing the problem of radiation exposure more fully beyond the product they invented."